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The One Resort Dali (Dali Gucheng Yihao Yuan) is a courtyard hotel situated in Dali ancient town and about a five-minute walk from local scenic spots like the Honglongjing.     During their spare time,  guests may socialize at the bar or just sit in the yard to enjoy the moonlight.     Services for both business and leisure guests include valet parking,  ticket booking services,  international credit card use and free parking.[View Detail]     

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  • e00006602
    Clean, simple, like
  • nnnnnn
    Not bad! only drawback! buffet breakfast is shabby!
  • PANYONG9488
    Nice is too high a price
  • apple_yuans
    Hotel location is convenient, at the city gate along about 100 meters, is the city's largest hotel, staff very good, room was nice and clean, is the ancient city of bad weather when it's cold rain for several days, to Dali, Dali recommends going to live in the first courtyard, clean and good service!
  • jesin2004
    In city inside, is by a seat seat whitewash Dai w of small floor composition of hotel district, clean, national. room is clean, bedding and wash supplies are is quality good of. we to of when is Xia rainy day, door child small buddy of service dedicated and thoughtful. breakfast of varieties slightly explicit weak, but objective of said in Dali live has several hotel, this is I compared recognized of.
  • dorisdan0427
    Poor room sound insulation
  • anya rain
    Friend. the hotel good location, facilities or. generally speaking, the guest was satisfied with.
  • emily295
    Room is clean, the surrounding environment.
  • dongwen0777
    Very nice hotel ... location in the old city gate. because the city cannot do without a car during the day. so this is the most convenient location. helpful. evening aroma. is the best around in Dali hotel!
  • e00063195
    Refer to the previous comment, what environment did not have to say, provides a free pick-up, but returned only to find there is a free car battery days, had no idea at that time, just under the front desk would serve to remind the. rest OK is in the ancient city of tall hotels on the
  • canna
    Very good!
  • linegod
    Good hotel! rewarded?
  • fanfan_6989
    Attracted and to room good inside environment also good just bath supplies not special good front desk of service special slow handle away from shop down Yu ten minutes has a guest than I early to also has been handle bad are urgent with catch airport really of service too not in place Concierge also not help took luggage of he of road is stones a grid a grid of interval small stone luggage no way drag line upper and lower stairs is need himself carry with of service really of need with Shang
  • seattlemoon
    Hotel at the entrance to the old town, is near from the car park, visiting the old town is very convenient. cottage clean and comfortable, fully equipped, every day, once in the afternoon health, management class. courtyard on the first floor, the second floor balcony, romantic feel at home. the next time you visit Dali ancient city, first, not the second choice.
  • albee_m
    Good location, only General, booked deluxe room, small room.
  • devil1306
    All right
  • latinasong
    Inside the city, also there is a car park, but after eight o'clock in the evening to drive in, there is half cold water bath in the hot shower
  • Janly
    Environment very well great design is sound-home
  • e00913255
    A 8 mouth package has two between Villa, Hotel Green good, smoked clothing grass of fragrance diffuse whole Villa district. room upper and lower two layer, wood quality stairs links, children is like. but overall service fundamental with not Shang 4 star hotel of pace, room noise is poor, next door and road Shang of talk listening to have is clear, waiter morning 8 points more on began loud dialogue, noisy to people cannot sleep. room only for towel, ground off of things live has 5 late didn't people sucking dust. rain from II floor way water (notIs water), take barrel. front blunt, replaced the room was broken, Leng said to you losing money. returned umbrella Leng said could not find, I do not know where to put it! big hotel group, levels should not be so disappointed?
  • jan0921
    Hotel location is very convenient, in the historic town centre, service very good, because of traffic controls, vehicles can only be parked in the parking lot during the day, 8:00 car to take the hotel night staff pick up the car and drove us to pick up the car, thank you very much, environments are more Needless to say, look, lol.
  • e03730041
    A penny a minute delivery?, early in the morning! excellent receptionist services, see our kids, offer early check in, same type of room, also called the Manager to help upgrade to garden villas. Zambia?, refer-a-friend in?
  • lili333cn
    The recommendation of a friend, in the ancient city of Nice, the only thing is feeling too close to the interval between the House, so your room is small, other
  • cat180
    Friends recommend good
  • agice
    Good friends very much, next time will come
  • sasa29
    Nice hotel, staff were very friendly, he met will say hello, five-star service. convenient parking in city inside can. only pity is the cottage, no bathtub, a day's walk, to soak in a bath, or possible.
  • e00099451
    Extension no occupancy cannot be changed blue
  • fjj850701
    Hotel is very good, hotel staff need training.
  • fantangliang
    Environment, in the ancient city, bring their children to holiday guests.
  • E04293156
    Absolutely praiseworthy Inn, why all this pub, as simple, simple ... but the service is standard in the hotel ... only thing is the price
  • CnJesse
    Hotel full of Zen, very beautiful
  • deleteall
    Nice hotel, we have four small villa, very comfortable, hotel distribution Borghese full set of toiletries, has a delicate fragrance, lavender sachets in room, added one to our journey safe and comfortable
  • mmxcooler
    'Through the thousands of mountains and rivers, but in fact but only a yard, you handsome stars, admire the cangshan mountain and erhai Lake, life phenomena, large hidden yard.' ---Gang Hu---impeccable ...
  • steffi2509
    Well, mountains in the distance, on the balcony and watch the scenery, not cool
  • Emily_Liu
    Very nice villa hotel, service was good, Dali plugging a mess during the Spring Festival, we walk a path into the hotel. the hotel is near from the foreigners ' Street, very convenient, good, recommended.
  • Anywin
    Four days Dali felt the best hotel, quiet, and cool. good environment. room was small but very tasty. Sockets in the room location is the only fly in the ointment is not very convenient, especially to charge mobile phone.
  • bigmartin
    Each Dali live first, and location services are good! This accommodation was a small regret, are the guests a little bit excited, late-night destination is badly copied, 3 nights I didn't sleep well. everyone is relaxed, long live understanding
  • Janet0wong
    Second stay at
  • tinacaitingting
    Second came slightly, very convenient, the service is also very good, Spa and dining charges, such as the price is not too high.
  • dearli
    Hotels inside the city, the hardware is good. aunt room service customer service is also very good, the only thing that we are not satisfied with is, to store the rain, pick up luggage direct is very rough and dragged our luggage in the rain, stone walked. In conclusion, the overall occupancy was relatively happy.
  • goose
    Old town atmosphere inside the hotel, holiday village style, design and create an atmosphere of good, service is remarkable, but room is very small. There are several sets of small hospital room, rest break an entire yard was very good.
  • Benerlo
    Nice, good hotel, good location, good environment. to stay next time!
  • e00185121
    Good, service very good, the environment is also good.
  • jinlinping
    Environmental services in place
  • LISA-1982
    Select this hotel is really good! the perfect location!
  • Bonnietang
    Second stay, I feel very good, friends thought highly of room! will stay next time!
  • sp8075001
    Very good facilities, great location, service great, away from the world services group at the chain store management there is a considerable gap.
  • e03496325
    The hotel is a five-star facility, no star service. the hotel front desk was not trained, attitude to speak, no services, and when you leave the Hotel today, the only staff on duty wear a red sweater to receive guests, usually to front desk personnel was a lack of management.
  • e01089711
    And we think it's great
  • denfaw
    Friend staying at Nice, the car cannot enter the city before eight o'clock in the evening, the hotel has sent shuttle luggage. Hotel romantic rooms, simply furnished clean price, the price is slightly higher.
  • caryjue
    Accommodation in Deluxe 900/night (breakfast is not included), staying a few days ago found that ctrip 850/night (with breakfast) and 900/night upgrade SPA suites, and ctrip does not have a good check, early booking guests when ass? and c customer service at the front desk upon arrival and hotel reflects all invalid (Hotel only breakfast). PS: this recommendation to stay this hotel, do not advance booking, because on that day or early booking offers for several days more.