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The One Resort Dali (Dali Gucheng Yihao Yuan) is a courtyard hotel situated in Dali ancient town and about a five-minute walk from local scenic spots like the Honglongjing.     During their spare time,  guests may socialize at the bar or just sit in the yard to enjoy the moonlight.     Services for both business and leisure guests include valet parking,  ticket booking services,  international credit card use and free parking.[View Detail]     

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  • miaoli
    Hotel environment, service are good, today wants to spit slot of is hotel of hardware, first bathtub of drowning is bad of, call to front desk, attitude is sincere, timely sent employees to repair, but repair of time somewhat long, let I, has is long, later again call to front desk urged has only fix; second bathroom of toilet circle ice cold, each to toilet, thought total has a turned struggled; last wants to said of is Taiwan basin of mirror Qian lamp design of not reasonable, shot lamp of light that not playing in face Shang alsoOn mirror is not playing, smear on the face caused when the light was very dark, is not so clear.
  • e00052320
    Is holding a hotel; and convenient transportation, environmental comfort and elegant bedding texture was good, breakfast seven fairly abundant. In conclusion go to Dali will choose here
  • bomour
    Town has good hotels. really good
  • beneyao
    On a very tall, a little naked heart feeling, but the environment also needs to be improved, as a five-star standard hotel, front desk service levels and efficiency needs to be improved
  • lamb23
    Network is not stable, the poor service at the front desk, we will be three rooms, in fact, just a House, discuss how refused to change and really bad attitude, might have given 5 points, this service greatly reduced!
  • Look ~ ~ Huijia
    The internal environment of the hotel combines ancient and modern, quiet. this room type is 3 room cottage shared regional waste, together with friends, sharing regional advantage is only displayed. ventilation of the room is not very good, and there is no ventilation equipment. other very good. Bang Bang Dah!
  • nnnnnn
    Not bad! only drawback! buffet breakfast is shabby!
  • lily2265
    Simple and elegant
  • emily295
    Room is clean, the surrounding environment.
  • oxoxo
    Girlfriends travel conscience recommend the fabulous hotel service out of boss's cat out of environments out of the Villa where very good Oh, c-c
  • David099
    Environment really good! enjoy life
  • city_me
    Environment is very good, the service was poor, noise is so bad, it is not recommended.
  • sun3089
    This hotel on the tall! in the ancient city of love on the edge, cars can't get hotel shuttle. room layout is petty bourgeoisie, upper and lower layers, daughter love, sorry only stayed one night, and barely discernable between rooms are equipped with a refrigerator fresh cabinets is even more awesome!
  • AmimA
    Great! were very comfortable
  • latinasong
    Inside the city, also there is a car park, but after eight o'clock in the evening to drive in, there is half cold water bath in the hot shower
  • jlsslj
  • lonesomely
    Hotels in Nice
  • maliangyan
    Well, in addition to the breakfast Cook leaving problems encountered, time point, or a messy play. Alternative staff fried eggs, watermelon is not fresh ... needs to be improved.
  • Giselle01
    Environment is very beautiful ride, room a little Japanese-style, family meals of fish a try.
  • iclei
    Does not meet the level of five-star hotels, the room was small, double standard rooms only a washbasin
  • cinddyy20
    Friends book, reflect transportation convenience, service OK!
  • flyliuxiaoxin
    Featured hotels, cottages, small balcony, small and chic garden. overall good service.
  • bander
    Hardly ever have a fully designed hotel in the ancient city, is clean, take a lot of good photos. worth the next arrival.
  • e00245842
    Very nice hotel, elegant simplicity. particularly important praise friends arrived a bit Highland promise, hotel duty manager at midnight to help buy medicine, hotel manager has also been call the next day, make people feel warm. next to elections here.
  • jesin2004
    In city inside, is by a seat seat whitewash Dai w of small floor composition of hotel district, clean, national. room is clean, bedding and wash supplies are is quality good of. we to of when is Xia rainy day, door child small buddy of service dedicated and thoughtful. breakfast of varieties slightly explicit weak, but objective of said in Dali live has several hotel, this is I compared recognized of.
  • BABY123
    Hotel location was good, near from the parking place, but far from the shopping places, and came back very tired, there's a hotel in the exclusive car helped us pull baggage.
  • E00828115
    Hotel location is good in town of South door, set of small villa two days, Office is small, yard also is small, upstairs downstairs two between room, upstairs has a is small of Terrace, for family travel. hotel facilities complete, health conditions good. hope improved of place has; a, upstairs terrace can added a shade umbrella, Dali sunshine strongly, no parasol in balcony Shang stay with too Sun, II, downstairs yard no sat of place, yard is a device, looks looks just; three,Hotel door has black Guide and black, estimated with hotel door brother has cooperation, black guide wear are loaded, known as hotel of, actually not, from hotel to three pagodas temple to 30 block, first not said price how, key known as is Hotel internal of this feel is bad. hotel construction compact, each room away from of is near, has talk voice big of guest will noisy have neighborhood disturbed. because hotel in City South door. city in is one-way, so drive to hotel that place to turned is big a circle... Son, key hotels lost a lost a 200. on the whole, although there are many shortcomings, but the hotel is worth staying at luxury hotels in the city.
  • Anywin
    Four days Dali felt the best hotel, quiet, and cool. good environment. room was small but very tasty. Sockets in the room location is the only fly in the ointment is not very convenient, especially to charge mobile phone.
  • Janly
    Environment very well great design is sound-home
    Hotel was very nice, very avant-garde.
  • M00367403
    In General, indoor lighting is too Dim
  • lijianbang
    Absolutely beautiful hotel has designed a full set of VI is very beautiful services very good and recommend staying
  • cj_2007_1986
    Nice, clean and tidy, but morning buffet type less, in the ancient city of ... convenient to the city to play.
  • lonpin
    All good, but we were in a room closest to the street, a bit noisy, breakfast across the shop to eat quite convenient
  • fantangliang
    Environment, in the ancient city, bring their children to holiday guests.
  • e00063195
    Refer to the previous comment, what environment did not have to say, provides a free pick-up, but returned only to find there is a free car battery days, had no idea at that time, just under the front desk would serve to remind the. rest OK is in the ancient city of tall hotels on the
  • dionne
    Hotel the food tasted horrible, in addition to this, the other great
  • DrBilly
    Location is good, their bad service at the front desk, hotel cost is not high
  • leefeiyu
    Value for money very poor de hotel, Manager and front desk attitude de is not quality! room was small, no noise! very dissatisfied de experience! not recommended!
  • albee_m
    Good location, only General, booked deluxe room, small room.
  • babyboy001
    Very nice environment, messing around town in a quiet place, very much.
  • xiaomotu
    Of great national hotels, friend said it was great.
  • dorisdan0427
    Poor room sound insulation
  • desmondyoung
    Location and environment of the hotel is good, very unique, quiet, we live in smaller villas, small yard, little villa has two floors, can accommodate 4 people, first choice for family travel, there is a terrace upstairs nice, breakfast is generally, but the West has. in General, we like it here.
  • sunmo343914757
    Worthy of first hospital to the city!
  • bs0243
    High season prices are more expensive, implementation is nice and clean!
  • aying_100
    Very good hotel, backed by the mountain, not many people so lonesome. hotel services is also very good, breakfast good. when we are staying, along the road of lavender has been thanks, but still have the fragrance into the room.
  • sidufy
    Environment services
  • e00234884
    In the city, walk 10 minutes to the old town is the wall, not far from the South Gate, just drive not open during the day, parked in the adjacent parking lot, cost is cheaper at night and car, room, comfort, and service was poor.
  • benfong2005
    Quiet, elegant, clean, practical, every time I go to live here