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The One Resort Dali is located in the south section of Boai Road, overlooking the panorama of Dali ancient city.
It is a family courtyard Resort Hotel, with many villas of different styles, backed by Cangshan, facing Erhai Lake. You can enjoy the snow of Cangshan Mountain, the moon of Erhai Lake at night, the red maple leaves in the courtyard, the lavender on the roadside and the traditional eaves of ancient houses. Here you can read, drink tea, bask in the sun, and enjoy the leisurely life of Dali.
Dali ancient city implemented traffic restriction from 08:00 to 20:00. Dali ancient city No.1 Hospital provides the shuttle service from the ancient city Boai gate to the hotel, and provides luggage service for you (please consult the merchant for details).
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FAQs when booking at The One Resort Dali
  • How far is the hotel from Dali Airport?

    The One Resort Dali is 16.4km from the airport.

  • Does The One Resort Dali offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at The One Resort Dali?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at The One Resort Dali.

  • Does The One Resort Dali have a pool or gym?

    The hotel has a gym, but no pool. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does The One Resort Dali have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does The One Resort Dali offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does The One Resort Dali accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does The One Resort Dali accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at The One Resort Dali?

    Each costs cny66 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at The One Resort Dali?

    The room prices is from cny1800, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • jfoleybejing
    The No. 1 courtyard of the ancient city, a small courtyard with white walls and grey tiles, completely isolated from the noise of the ancient city. Like??, recommend! Even the door lock and key are so creative!
  • dujuanlin
    The design of the hotel is very distinctive, and the location is just beside the south gate. But the hotel rooms are small, the sound insulation is poor, there is no breakfast, the overall service is very business, not suitable for vacation.
  • contact
    One night always trips, the price of 5-star hotels and the facilities of 3-star hotels
  • dsfw34
    The hotel environment is beautiful and the hardware facilities are also very good! Average service!
  • agnes
    Generally speaking, it's very good. The children are a little dangerous. The environment near the door is average.
  • deleteall
    It's a very exquisite hotel. Four of us have ordered a villa, which is very comfortable. The full set of Beijiasi toiletries delivered by the hotel have a light fragrance, and there are lavender sachets in the room, which add a sense of comfort to our journey
  • Don32
    not bad
  • Mr ? ?
    The regular five-star hotel has no surprises, but the location is very good. In the non noisy area of the ancient city, the scenery is facing Cangshan, which is very beautiful. If the humanistic requirements of the hotel are not high, you can choose.
  • felitsa_ann
    The geographical location is good, very quiet, suitable for family travel. Five people live upstairs and downstairs in a villa. The hotel service is also good. Come to the city gate to pick us up and help carry our luggage.
  • lng2004
    Good environment, very close to the ancient city
  • todd2002
    not bad
  • e00130067
    Living in a small villa, the room is very good, with a small courtyard and terrace, you can fully enjoy your leisure time. Like one.
  • jennytan
    The environment and location are very good. On the edge of the ancient city, it is relatively quiet at night. It is very convenient to go to the ancient city. The design is simple and has texture. Overall, I'm still satisfied. I'll stay here in the future~
  • LeoDaisy
    The location of the hotel is good, and the villa is also my favorite style. It's amazing, but the sound insulation is a little bad
  • malven
    The environment is very good, but the room is a little small
  • icevalen
    With first-class location and excellent environment, it should be regarded as the best hotel in the ancient city.
  • Anson86
    I had a good impression of the hotel. The villa style. Unfortunately, there was no TV in both rooms. The only TV was in the palm sized living room. The most disgusting thing was that I said to extend my stay the next morning. The hotel told me that there was no room, so my priority to renew the lease was deprived. The front desk service desk didn't know who owed him money. It always stretched that face and didn't give a smile, I'm always impatient and disappointed to answer questions. This service is definitely not worth more than 1500 prices. It's not recommended!
  • jini1124
    The room was average, the service was good
  • junjen
    The location and environment of the new hotel are OK, but they said they didn't have an invoice when they checked in. They will mail it later. They also called to urge them when they came back, but they haven't received it yet. It's been more than half a month.
  • Feifei4388
    It's the most cost-effective. The room is very comfortable
  • benben88036911
    Great boutique hotel
  • asone1111
    There is no mistake in choosing this hotel in Dali ~ the service attitude is really good! When going out and entering the door, the staff will say hello as long as they see us. 'the attitude is so good that I'm not used to it ~ the villa is very clean and comfortable to live, but the concealment is not perfect ~ it's easy for people outside to see the room in the living room! But it didn't have much impact ~ I didn't enjoy the breakfast service, which was originally early. As a result, my parents said they wanted 60 yuan, so they didn't eat. Fortunately, the hotel is in a good location, and there are breakfast sellers at the door, which is very cheap! There is also a foot therapy hall at the door of the hotel. The foot therapy is very comfortable and the price is not expensive. I went there for a foot therapy on the last night! Very satisfied ~ the driver recommended by the hotel is also good. It's a local Bai nationality who took us out of Erhai around the ring. The service attitude is very good ~ we basically rely on this driver to play with us for 2 days in Dali ~ the driver drives a BYD SUV! Dali is really a place where I will come again ~ it's really beautiful! The hotel is very good! I recommend you to live in a small villa. It's very cute!!!!
  • anna1511
    Theone in Dali ancient city
  • toddlam1987
    The hotel is elegant, the service is up to standard, quiet and convenient
  • e02598945
    negative comment! Even if the room is small, the hygiene is pretty good. But the sound insulation is too poor. If you don't go out at night, you can't rest in the room. Breakfast is average. The main reason is that the service is too general. The front desk is very tough. The concierge doesn't greet you with a smile every time they stare at you. It's strange... After living for two days, they hurry to leave... Sure enough, it's said that they should still live in the double corridor
  • fayestar
    Very, very like the hotel! Very stylish!
  • e02537083
    The quilt is very clean
  • DF2345
    I live in new hotels, in the form of single garden villas, and the environment is OK, but the details are not enough. Such a place, such an environment, such a price. Different opinions.
  • MrBeer
    The room is a little small, but the hotel design is unique. It's a very good hotel
  • angle_ling66
    The hotel environment is very good, quiet and clean. Good cost performance
  • lv351200
    White walls, green tiles, wooden door courtyard, near the ancient city, overlooking Cangshan, quiet and elegant. The hotel service is meticulous and considerate. There is a green car to pick up and deliver. The handsome waiter helps to carry the luggage all the way to the room and patiently answers every question. Although there are not many kinds of breakfast, both Chinese and Western styles are exquisite
  • crystallee0603
    In the ancient city, the location is good. You only need to walk out. We booked a standard room. The room is very comfortable. Try to live on the second floor with a better view. There is a garden on the first floor and a small public living room, but it's still cold this season. Originally thought the service was ok, but there were some small incidents when checking out, which made people unhappy. Charge five stars, at least there is a problem with consciousness
  • msnleon
  • classman
    It's very good. The decoration is very good. I stayed for 3 nights. I feel really good. Two small flaws: the room is a little small and the sound insulation is not very good.
  • emptyboy
    In winter, air conditioning is not enough, and geothermal is more perfect! The bed is soft and comfortable!
  • genielin
    High cost performance, worthy of recommendation
  • MaTaiYan
    Location is easy to find, environment is also good, recommended!
  • gaofeiblue
    Yes, very comfortable.
  • bianwenbo
    The hotel is very good and the courtyard is beautiful! But it's inconvenient without a refrigerator! Good location, close to the bar street! Stay here next time!
  • cece01
    Still good, worthy of recommendation.
  • iamliujy
    The room is a little small
  • ranranyiran
    The overall design of the hotel is good! The room was clean and hygienic, and the room service was excellent. We also gave us Lavender sachets. The latch of the small balcony was broken. Someone was found to repair it in time and gave us fruit! It's just that the building is too close, the sound insulation is not very good, and the check-in at the front desk is too slow! Hope to improve a lot! Get better next time you come!
  • crystall
    The room is average
  • dongxuerong
    The hotel is at the foot of Cangshan Mountain. The architectural style is very similar to Bali Island. It is located in the ancient city, and its geographical location is very convenient, whether it is to play or to eat.
  • Candy rocks
    The hotel is located at the South Gate of the ancient city, which is convenient for travel. It's not far from Renmin Road. It's more convenient to walk for more than 10 minutes. No.1 Hospital is suitable for taking photos. The public area is very beautiful and the room is very small. Originally, the lighting of the room was not very good. There were no lights in the room, only a few spotlights. There was only one shelf and four hangers for hanging clothes. Call the front desk to send some hangers. As a result, they were very thin. They didn't dare to hang T-shirts, for fear that there would be hanging marks on their shoulders. The spa compartment has a large bathtub. The shower is very urgent. It's not very comfortable on the body, but it can't be avoided because the shower room is very small. There is a very small patio, two rattan chairs and a square table. It's just because the patio is small and the wall is high. It's like sitting in it and watching the sky. In addition, we are on the ground floor. The small balcony on the second floor next door is just above our head. It's very uncomfortable. We can see each other. The privacy is very poor. The sound insulation is not good. You can hear voices in the next room. The next morning, the waiter knocked on the door early and asked to clean the room. He was woken up. This is rare. It's very expensive to call a taxi. It's suggested that you go outside and find your own private car to negotiate the price (there are no taxis in the ancient city, so there are many private cars). When I first arrived, I asked why I didn't see the big patio in the picture. The waiter said that it was a small villa, which was very misleading. In general, the cost performance of the room is not high.
    Too bad, too bad, 1500 yuan a night, no TV, no breakfast, dark lights outside the door and few parking spaces. It was wiped and hung when parking because it was too crowded. Conscience words! If you come to Dali, don't go here! If you don't have a room, you'd rather not go to Dali than stay in No. 1 courtyard of Dali ancient city!
  • alard
  • andyye168
    very nice
  • rae1203
    not bad
  • e05147823
    I'll check in next time
  • gyl013
    It's a great small villa, simple and elegant, and the service is also in place. It's said that Faye Wong is also a regular guest here in Dali. It's a very worthwhile hotel!
  • lily.L
    Good hotel, very convenient, very new! recommend!
  • Heart of water
    For the hotel with the elderly and children, the design of the villa is very suitable for the family. The location and design of the hotel are very good. It should be a very good one in the ancient city. The only disadvantage is that the hotel provides free pick-up service during check-in. We didn't use the hotel pick-up. We hope it can be changed to send off, but we don't agree. We have to charge 150 yuan.
  • AaronClaudine
    I really like it. It's beautiful. The environment is excellent. The service is also very good. The pick-up teacher is also very good
  • demon child Yao Yao
    It's nice to live. It's close to the ancient city. Suitable for quiet people. If it's a big family, it's more appropriate to travel. The whole continuous shooting villa! not bad
  • duron0001
  • Samluo
    The room is very characteristic, and the hotel service is warm and considerate.
  • Benerlo
    Good, good hotel, good location and good environment. Stay next time!
  • allstar610346
    I feel very good, very distinctive. The service level of the hotel is also good. The room is small and the cost performance is slightly low.
  • Pandapp
    The environment is excellent, the service needs to be improved, breakfast is average
  • flyliuxiaoxin
    More distinctive hotels, villas, small balconies, and unique small courtyards. The service was pretty good overall.
  • bretreace
    It's convenient to get in and out. It's very fast to the foreigner street, just at the South Gate of the ancient city.
  • lonesomely
    Nice hotel
  • fujianlong2011
    It's a professional hotel in the ancient city of Dali. The facilities and health services are pretty good. It's very close to the ancient city. It's just that the room is a little small and you can see the bed when you enter the door. The floor height is not high. It's a bit cramped and depressing
  • cam88231
    In the tranquil place of the ancient city, the appearance of the hotel building is similar to the Bai People's residence. The whole hotel is like an open village, which contains several courtyards, each of which is divided into two floors. The courtyard design and interior decoration are both modern and simple, giving people a sense of tranquility, warmth and beauty. The overall service is attentive and meticulous, and the service of open bed is amazing, which is a satisfactory accommodation experience.
  • e00913255
    A family of eight has two villas. The hotel is very green, and the fragrance of lavender pervades the whole villa area. The room is two floors up and down, with wooden stairs. Children like it very much. But the overall service can't keep up with the pace of the four-star hotel at all. The sound insulation of the room is very poor. The conversation between the next room and the road is very clear. The waiter starts talking loudly at more than 8 a.m., which makes people unable to sleep. The room only changed the towel, and no one vacuumed the things dropped from the floor for five nights. Rain from the second floor all the way water (not dripping), to take the bucket then. The service attitude of the front desk is stiff. The umbrella in the room is broken and I want to replace it. I want you to lose money. I can't find it. I don't know where to put it! So big group hotel, should not be so level, disappointed?
  • boiboi21
    The hotel may occupy a good position, the other is really nothing. We should live in the most expensive suite in the hotel, which is already the 'most luxurious' price in Dali, but the software and hardware services are really not flattering. There is no TV in the room, no bathtub in the bathroom. There is no place for sitting and writing in the whole suite. Because I had children, I called room service for breakfast. If you want to order some egg and tomato noodles, the operator will transfer it to the restaurant. The restaurant service staff replied: we have noodles for breakfast buffet, fried eggs, but no tomato and egg noodles. If you don't want to order this, we can make a noodle for you, put an fried egg on it, and sprinkle some tomatoes on it when you fry the egg, OK( It's hard for you In short, in the future, Dali will never stay in such a poor cost-effective hotel!
  • PANYONG9488
    The environment is very good, but the price is too high