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Scott platform audio Tours do listen, scenic tour guide to be laid off?

Date: 2019-12-11

If you to Beijing in the north street, built the building has a unique research history, you can try to record a voice map of explanation to the gold.May be the next to tourism, built in the stranger will pay-per-click, listen to you a personalized interpretation.

Released on December 10, Scott map "scenic spot walkman navigation officer recruitment plans," Scott map flow and bonuses as "bait", attracting aspirants in platform, released his own voice.

National Day this year, gold maps launched "walkman", found some culture scholars, star, and the professional audio Tours do scenic spot of the third party company, for the national popular scenic spot online speech, scenic spot now covered more than 1000.And the open recruitment, it is open to the society, the collection, screening phonetic explanation of scenic spots, explain the contents of the can is popular science, natural geography, history, science can also be a family story, referring to ramble.

For gold, "walkman" means its XiangWen brigade field extends further attempts, also may become a new tourist flow entrance in the future.Scott map has and henan yuntai mountain, hangzhou west lake, nanxun town scenic spots such as cooperation, the construction of "wisdom scenic spot", from transportation tools to cut into the tourism travel in specific scenarios.

Source for the scenic spot, more diversified voice explain, is also part of the scenic area is undergoing changes.Domestic scenic spots of audio Tours, from the earliest pay hire a guide for the receiver to repeat the same content every day, gradually became scan qr code to online speech, then transition to choose from the diversity of interpretation, you want to hear to get background knowledge.

Before and after National Day this year, is not only the gold map, baidu maps also released a "voice custom function", the user to record their own voice packets, can share with family and friends.Ctrip online audio Tours of the scenic spot service, integrated scenic spot voice more than domestic suppliers, covering nearly 8000 scenic spot of 53 countries around the world.

In the field of audio Tours of the scenic spot, Scott maps and ctrip belong to the consumer the integrated platform, and their main content suppliers, company is mostly from the content of the audio Tours end.

Production brigade's podcast, once startup scenic tour "open-air museum founder Lin Gao Jian told news interface, currently doing scenic spot audio Tours company mainly has the content of the donkey trail guides (the company called" donkey trace technology "), beautiful scenery, listening to, the fawn guides, etc.Which was established in 2013, the donkey tracing technology has been submitted to the Hong Kong stock exchange in September this year the prospectus.The prospectus shows that donkey trace technology in the intelligent electronic navigation has covered 259 5 a-class tourist scenic spot in China and 2021 4 a-class tourist scenic spot, is the city accounted for the highest rate in the field of the company.

And tour of open recruitment officer Scott map, means that the gold content of want to let go of the supply channels, increase the content of supply, make audio Tours of the production and consumption are becoming more popular.

Scott opened the voice map navigation interface, means that the content of the scenic spot in the field of competition will become more intense."Lin Gao Jian said.

Audio Tours of the scenic spot, on the other hand, the change of the way, also let some insiders worry that future scenic tour guide will be unemployed?, Scott Wang Guixin map vice President had to respond, if give Scott map platform, guides the IP with the guide of voice and content can be online service for more visitors.

At the same time, the coming 5 g will also bring good for scenic spot audio Tours.Lin Gao Jian think, 5 g traffic charges become low, scenic area to improve signal, is a scenic spot tour the opportunity to upgrade."In addition to voice navigation upgrade, actually tour route of scenic spot also may change.Such as through AR technology, increase real navigation functions on mobile phones."Thus, in the knowledge navigation and line tour, to improve the user in the scenic sightseeing experience.