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Break the spell: night break for performing arts

Date: 2019-12-12

Hundreds of years ago, people have the desire of life is short, candlelight cruise, now, night economy gradually become a new track of urban competition, representing the city vigor and connotation.Carrier of economy increasingly rich experience the time change, night, tang chang 'an of the night, the song dynasty capital and night lights such as day ", "dragon dance" fish ".Now, in addition to the bookstore, the museum of common carrier, acting at night is also continue to affect the tourist night market, bring new vitality.

China's economy has shifted from growth stage to a higher stage of development, quality, according to data from China in the first three quarters of the contribution rate of final consumption expenditure on economic growth of 60.5%, this represents, consumption has become one of China's economy the fixing heart and YaCangShi.

So it is urgent to promote the consumption, and in the north to guangzhou, and other first-tier cities, the proportion of consumption at night already accounted for over 50% of the consumption throughout the day.For the development of fostering regional economic consumption at night, a second-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, xi 'an have been released to promote economic development plan at night, among them, with rich cultural connotation of the night was renewed focus on performing arts market, 80% of tourism performing arts "curse" also mentioned again.

Popular literature brigade performing arts at night

1997, songcheng acting launched "songcheng eternal love", the official will be performing arts into the tourism scenic area, including guilin tourism, shaanxi tourism, zhangjiajie tourism, national tourism enterprises have also into the bureau, now, "Bai Tianguan beauty, the night see performing arts", the emergence of these words represent the tourism performing arts + scenic area has become the standard, the operation mode, suggesting a component of tourism performing arts in people's minds.

According to a 2017-2018 China tourism performing arts industry research report shows that in 2017, China's tourism market performance, and play with 268 units, up 5.5%;Events of 85753 performances, year-on-year growth of 19%;Box office revenue of 5.1 billion yuan, up by 20%;The audience of 68.212 million passengers, up 26.5% from a year earlier.

More than 80% of tourism performing arts happened at night, Shanghai, hangzhou, guangzhou, Beijing, suzhou, wuxi, nanjing, chongqing, zhengzhou, jinan 10 tourists cities among the tourism performing arts.Similar to songcheng historic feeling, impression series, such as landscape festival successful acting work, has been quietly leading tourism performing arts market at night.

Tourism performing arts has become a city business card, according to the donkey's mother, according to data from January 2019 to April, impression of liu sanjie, songcheng eternal regret, impression lijiang, qing, China hengdian studios, wuxi three kingdoms, water margin city impression west lake, liu laogen stage, Shanghai circus city, yangshan song river pavilion for the 10 most popular tourism need for performing arts.Among them, hengdian studios would be historic feeling, impression lijiang, secondary after purchase rate is as high as 78.8%.

Another special survey, according to the China tourism academy for performing arts at night Devon community theatre performance, happy with the twist theatre performance, Disney's beauty and the beast become tourists love acting at night.This kind of the high rate of swimming, tourists favorite activities at night, its characteristics and successful mode is worthy of the industry.