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The people of the 'chicken ribs' dormitory administrator, should be how to get in 2020?

Date: 2019-12-25

In 2019, there is one word in the circle of home stay facility fire up suddenly, it is the dormitory administrator's home.

Shanghai chongming area culture and tourism organization held 9 days of chongming residents dorm administrators manage personnel training;In wenzhou, zhejiang province east joint screen street people dormitory administrator home anti-drug work training and a home league owners project training;Beijing yanqing district held a dormitory administrator home talent competition, yanqing home stay facility features services;Shaoxing shaoxing invited local dormitory administrator "people" and "farmers small 2" and Taiwan students to participate in related training people dormitory administrator's...

Various people for home stay facility training and dormitory administrator attaches great importance to the strength increasing.

People home training from dormitory administrator

People want to know the dormitory administrator, we may want to make clear the people dormitory administrator training come from.

Home stay facility as a completely different from a hotel of non-standard products, affiliated to the import of Shared economy, Chinese and foreign national condition is completely different, lead to don't have much to use for reference the experience of the development of the whole industry, only in the groping forward.

In a legal grey area of the home stay facility in all kinds of problems appeared in the process of development, countries to control, leading to return to the home stay facility industry to rise.

In 2017 the first national standard for home stay, in 2019, more strict refinement of home stay facility new gb, all localities have open ground work, the implementation of the home stay facility standard of the house of people is the dormitory administrator training arises at the historic moment.

Comprehensive look at the crowd and training content, the author found that local training is mainly divided into two kinds, one kind is the home stay facility landlord of local training, strengthen the landlord's own reception, management and service ability, the other is a young people interested in the home stay facility to do professional knowledge training, cultivating future people dormitory administrator home full-time staff, help to participate in the personnel to solve the problem of employment direction.

Dormitory administrator home training apart from people in the city how many, but the move for home stay facility industry, is a good start.

Purpose of the house of people, the dormitory administrator training, on the one hand, to standardize the market for home stay facility development, on the other hand, considering from the employment level standard home stay facility service content, let the home stay facility level.