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e00052320score:5.0 / 52019-01-26

Is holding a hotel; and convenient transportation, environmental comfort and elegant bedding texture was good, breakfast seven fairly abundant. In conclusion go to Dali will choose here
bomourscore:5.0 / 52019-01-02

Town has good hotels. really good
beneyaoscore:4.8 / 52018-12-24

On a very tall, a little naked heart feeling, but the environment also needs to be improved, as a five-star standard hotel, front desk service levels and efficiency needs to be improved
lamb23score:4.3 / 52018-12-22

Network is not stable, the poor service at the front desk, we will be three rooms, in fact, just a House, discuss how refused to change and really bad attitude, might have given 5 points, this service greatly reduced!
Look ~ ~ Huijiascore:5.0 / 52018-12-14

The internal environment of the hotel combines ancient and modern, quiet. this room type is 3 room cottage shared regional waste, together with friends, sharing regional advantage is only displayed. ventilation of the room is not very good, and there is no ventilation equipment. other very good. Bang Bang Dah!
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